Belletti e Ferrari S.r.l. is a company that has been operating since 1968, the year of its foundation, in the following areas: food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Over time we have built a remarkable technical and quality background and, thanks to our decennial experienced staff and thus acquired know-how, we candidate ourselves as suppliers of plants for third party account.

The types of plants built and installed by Belletti e Ferrari S.r.l. include the supply of technical services, the supply of pure fluids and preparations both in the food and pharmaceutical industry, the building and installation of carpentry, the industrial assembly of highly specialized machines or plants, etc.


Belletti e Ferrari S.r.l. has kept unaltered over time the initial strategic line based upon honesty and moral integrity, which has allowed us to retain clients who are and more striving for a good quality/price ratio.

Belletti e Ferrari S.r.l. is also specialized and well-organized for installations and assemblies outside its site.


Belletti e Ferrari S.r.l. got the certification UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2000 (VISION 2000) in 2010.

Belletti e Ferrari S.r.l. applies all checks to every single production phase and supplies the necessary certifications indicated in the guidelines foreseen by the regulations in force in the various sectors (e.g. cGMPs and F.D.A. for the validation of plants installed in the pharmaceutical sector, quality standards foreseen by the regulation 3A in the food sector, the certification of materials according to EN10204- 3.1, the certification of the welding process and welders 

according to ASME regulations, the certification of plants according to 98/37eec machine directive, 73/23eec low voltage, 89/336eec electromagnetic compatibility, 97/23 equipments under pressure, use and maintenance manual, as well as other certifications that we can supply you with, if required, thanks to our technical staff, who has been operating in this field for over 20 years).


All internal processes, as well as some working phases, are subjected to regular checks by external organizations. We guarantee the traceability of all materials installed and, if necessary, each part could be marked indelibly.


During the construction and installation activities do many controls to grant the constitution quality and to allow the plants to be ready for the validation activities.

If it is necessary this activities can be done by our partners.

The main tests following:

-       The plant’s hold on is checked by electronic equipment that record all the pressure fall down in the conduit, it makes graphics on the control progress;

-      Endoscopic video tests are done to control the perfect regularity of the welding by the specific rules;

-      Where there are the request of pickling and the internal passivation on the piping, after treatments, we proceed with the check of the passivation by the passivation tester.


Production site activities

- At our production site, we built and tested plants, machines and skid modules for: purified water production (PW, WFI), pure steam production (CS) and pure fluid distribution, CIP, and other types, also for food processing

- We have flexibility and attention in satisfying our customer’s requirements for customization of the machines or for the plants that are due to the market and regulation necessities


Activities at customer's site

Installation and test of the piping for pure fluid, e.g.:

- New PW/WFI, pure steam  loop or modification ON EXISTING PLANT

- Handling product piping whit insertion of valves and collectors

- Water skid and CIP/WIP/SIP lines installation

- Installation, service and revision of sanitary devices as: exchangers, pumps, valves, measuring instruments



Thanks to the preparation of our staff and the provision of tools, constantly updated and certified, we are happy to offer our customers support for:

- Best / optimization of the processes through dedicated meeting with customer’s technicians

- Technical staff training

- Endoscopies

- Calibration

- Validation

- Degreasing , pickling and passivation of the existing lines


We are able to offer an excellent service both on installations that we have performed than on existing plants.

A staff of  engineers and technicians grant the service:

- Technical assistance during the activities or remote

- Maintenance contracts

- Revamping and upgrading of machines and systems to the new regulations

- Supply of spare parts and accessories

- Checks PED every 10 years, PED practices for assemblies etc.


Belletti e Ferrari S.r.l. got the certification UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2000 (VISION 2000) in 2010.


We have certified on the UNI EN ISO 15614-1 and  also on the ASME IX regulations the welding process both manual than automatic. They are suitable for the PED practice for the pressure’equipment.

The welding staff is certified in accordance with the UNI EN 287-1 regulation for the manual welding and  the UNI EN 1418 regulation for the automatic welding. Moreover we have got the ASME IX certification that  concerns  the welding types, both manual than automatic.


Fiera Achema - Francoforte, 11 - 15 Giugno 2018


Belletti e Ferrari alla Fiera Achema tenutasi a Francoforte dal 11 al 15 Giguno 2018

Nuovo impianto in UK


Stiamo per ultimare un nuovo impianto farmaceutico in UK

Siamo presenti in Polonia al “Pharmaceutical Industry 2015 Conference”.


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